Distribution Facilities

Streamlining Global Trade with Precision and Care

Explore Al Layan’s Advanced Distribution Facilities: Integrating State-of-the-Art Warehousing and Logistical Expertise for Unmatched Efficiency and Reliability

150k sqm

Eco Friendly Company-owned Warehousing Space


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Reliable Imports and Exports

We recognize that your business success relies on dependable imports and exports. With Al-Layan General Supplies as your global trade partner, you access a dedicated team committed to quality, precision, and innovation. Our excellence is rooted in understanding international trade intricacies, embracing cutting-edge technology, and ensuring the safety of goods at every stage.

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34 Countries

Warehousing and Logistics

Our owned warehouses in Al Yadoudeh and Al Qastal, including a bonded area, boast efficient storage with racks and temperature control. Spanning 150,000 sqm, our eco-friendly space is equipped with diverse loading systems, forklifts, and reach trucks. Complementing this, our temperature-controlled fleet of distribution trucks enhances our capabilities.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Temperature-Controlled Fleet

Ecommerce Distribution

Welcome to the Ice Wolves, the coolest hockey team in town

Al-Layan General Supplies revolutionizes ecommerce distribution with our comprehensive B2B application, designed to seamlessly integrate your brand into diverse market segments. Experience enhanced efficiency and connectivity, propelling your brand towards new heights of success.

Food service

In the dynamic world of food service, our application is a game-changer. Catering to Restaurants, QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants), Cafeterias, and coffee shops, we provide a streamlined channel for your brand to thrive in these bustling environments. Expect enhanced communication and performance, driving growth and success in the food service industry.


Our platform specifically caters to the retail sector, encompassing convenience stores, groceries, baqalah, and ‘coffee 2go’ outlets. By tapping into these channels, your brand gains visibility and accessibility in critical retail segments, ensuring that your products are where your customers are.