Our Services

With a strong track record and continued evaluation, Layan General Supplies became the preferred supplier among both retail and HORECA channels due to our wide range of product portfolio backed by a network of reputed suppliers across the globe and a professional approach in sales, marketing and customer service. 

We offer you all the supply chain services you need from customs clearance to warehousing and logistical facilities to transportation and a lot more. Our trained and high-caliber staff takes care of your stocks from the moment they are imported and warehoused to the moment they become within the consumers’ reach. At Layan General Supplies, we take care of your needs because they are our own and we offer you all the vigilance and dedication you require and more. Side by side with our sister companies, we take care of storing your products of all sorts, especially foods that require different temperatures. We help you finish your clearance procedures, store everything properly, move stocks proper and maintain your product at the top-notch quality you require and desire.

With our advanced systems and diligence, along with our sister companies, we handle importing and exporting products and foods of different temperatures through our distribution networks. Our distribution and logistical services help the brands we deal with grow in the market and in turn boost the partnerships we have with them, making them long-term and lasting.