Mobile Application Launch


With our 25 years of experience in the market, Layan General Supplies is proud to announce the launch of its Mobile Application being the first distribution company in Jordan to provide such service for their clients. Layan General Supplies started off with introducing the application to their Food Service clients enabling them to implement all their orders via the application along with other great features helping them monitor and manage their financials in an efficient way. 40% of their Food Service customers are already using the application and placing orders from the first three month of the application launch. Their aim is to reach 75% by end of 2020. Afterwards, they will introduce it to their retail customers. The application enables clients to view all their brands along with their items facilitating the whole ordering process. The mobile application gives high visibility to all their brands and makes all products easily accessible to their clients. Also, it's an eye opener for clients to explore new items and try them out. This will help Layan General Supplies understand the ordering pattern of their customers and generating interesting insights accordingly.